The Brethren Mutual Aid Share Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation created to provide financial assistance to Brethren-related congregations in their caring and sharing ministry. It is designed to help meet specific financial needs of individuals and families in the church and church communities.

Possible need situations may include: unexpected loss of job or income, catastrophic aid for lost property that is not insured, disaster aid, burial expense, and medical expenses not met by insurance coverage.
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Matching share funds are made available to congregations through formal application indicating the financial need of the recipient and the congregation's willingness to partner in the caring effort. The Share Fund believes the congregation is the most meaningful channel for decision making and distribution of the share funds and is where sharing within the church family takes on its deepest meaning.

Therefore, the congregation determines the appropriateness of the request and the amount of funds desired. When a need is determined and an application submitted, the request itself is deemed appropriate and within the guidelines and operations of the Brethren Mutual Aid Share Fund.

It is understood that in applying to the Share Fund, the congregation is agreeing to match an identical amount of funds for the concern. Proceeds from the Share Fund are not intended to reimburse or compensate the church for its contribution to the caring effort.

Paper applications should be mailed to the Brethren Mutual Aid Share Fund, 3094 Jeep Road, Abilene KS 67410. When an application is received, a representative of the Share Fund will review the request to determine the amount of distribution to be given to the congregation (up to $500 per church per year).

Possible expense assistance situations may include:

  • unexpected loss of job or income
  • catastrophic loss of property that is not insured
  • burial expense
  • medical expenses not met by insurance coverage
  • other unanticipated financial hardships

The corporation is funded by donations and gifts from many caring organizations, churches and individuals.

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